Oscar B. Castillo

artists Oscar B. Castillo Venezuelan by birth, much of Oscar’s most personal work has focused on the challenges Venezuela has faced over the course of the last two decades. In […]

Tara Todras-Whitehill

artists Tara Todras-Whitehill Tara Todras-Whitehill is a photojournalist and communications consultant. She was a staff photographer with the Associated Press for several years and documented the 2011 revolutions in Egypt […]

Ayman Oghanna

artists Ayman Oghanna London-born Ayman Oghanna is an award-winning journalist, photographer and broadcaster who specialises in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, conflict and migration. Ayman Oghanna is the winner of […]

Javier Manzano

artists Javier Manzano Javier Manzano is a Mexican American filmmaker and photojournalist best known for his coverage of Latin America and the Middle East. He has worked as an independent […]

Kate Brooks

artists Kate Brooks Kate Brooks is a photojournalist who works across the greater Middle East, photographing the unfolding of history, the impact of conflict on civilian populations, alongside every day […]

Bernadette Vivuya

artists Bernadette Vivuya Bernadette Vivuya is a Congolese visual journalist and filmmaker based in Goma, Eastern DRC. She is an alumnus of Image Criticism and Social Justice Photography: Decomposing the […]

Jiro Ose

artists Jiro Ose Born in Osaka, Japan, Ose has worked as a photojournalist covering various events worldwide such as the historical election in the DR Congo, Sudanese refugee crisis, departure […]

Midhat Poturovic

artists Midhat Poturovic Midhat Poturovic is an award-winning Bosnian photojournalist. His work mainly focuses on stories in Southeast Europe. His work has been recognized by the International Photography Awards (IPA), […]

Sophia Nahli Allison

artists Sophia Nahli Allison Sophia Nahli Allison is an Academy Award nominated filmmaker, photographer, and artist. Sophia was a 2020 United States Artists Fellow, a 2014 Chicago 3Arts Awardee, and […]

Martin Lukongo

artists Martin Lukongo Martin Lukongo is a Congolese photographer and designer based in Goma. Instagram Awp work by martin lukongo