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Rape and pillage are concepts as old as war itself. Certainly, war carries with it the idea of gathering the spoils found by those who stand victorious on the battlefield. But sexual violence is a war crime, not collateral damage, and it must be confronted. However, the risks and sacrifices involved in ensuring that the legal system provides justice for everyone run deep.

The Prosecutors is a documentary that follows three dedicated lawyers who are fighting to ensure that conflict-related sexual violence in conflict is no longer met with impunity, but with justice. Filmed over five years on three continents, it takes viewers from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Colombia on the long journey towards justice. It is our contention that with perseverance there will be a global understanding that sexual violence cannot be tolerated as a by-product of war and that victims and combatants will expect that these crimes will be prosecuted.

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The Prosecutors has been shown at events across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. A full list of screenings can be found on the film’s website.

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Throughout production, the Prosecutors team connected with many local organizations who are committed to ending conflict-related sexual violence.

“Medica” Zenica is an expert non-governmental organization that continuously offers psycho-social and medical support to women and children victims of war and also post war violence, including victims of war rapes and other forms of war torture, sexual violence in general, domestic violence survivors, as well as victims of trafficking in human beings.

Since 2008, the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative has worked to combat sexual and gender-based violence in DRC by addressing access to justice, judicial reform, legal education and women’s rights issues.

Alianza Iniciativa de Mujeres Colombianas por la Paz is a Colombian non-governmental organization working towards peace through defending human rights by focusing on women and gender issues. They work directly with women who were victims of the armed conflict.


A press kit and talking points that can be used with screenings to different audiences are available in various languages on the film’s website.

As a result of the making of film, director and producer Leslie Thomas contributed to the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma’s guidelines “Reporting on sexual violence in conflict.” The toolkit provides guidance to journalists, media-makers and others in the media world on best practices employed when reporting on this topic and is available in multiple languages.

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Support for this film has been provided by generous individuals and the following foundations and institutional sponsors:

Bertha Foundation, Friedman Law Group, GCM Grosvenor, Humanity United, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Henry Nias Foundation, The Oak Foundation, The Open Society Foundation, Peter S. Reed Foundation, Blue Chalk Media