Body of Water

About the Project

“Climate change is not just about melting glaciers, rising sea levels and super storms. Climate change affects every aspect of human existence on the planet, our most basic human needs and rights such as potable water, sanitation and our ability to feed ourselves in developing and developed countries alike,” JB Russell, EverydayClimateChange photographer.

According to the United Nations, 85% of humanity lives in the driest half of the planet, with almost 2 billion people lacking access to clean water. Demand for this resource has created tension between communities and even between nations, igniting a struggle for water as a fundamental human right. Body of Water features work from the EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed, created and currently curated by photographer James Whitlow Delano. The goal of the EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed is to show that no one anywhere is immune to effects of climate change. This exhibit showcases the negative impact of climate change on human lives through a visual presentation of Instagram photos taken by diverse photographers around the world. In addition to Delano’s work, the Instagram feed includes submissions by photographers located on six continents that are all witnesses to the effects of environmental degradation, including Ed Kashi, JB Russell, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, and Caroline Bennett.

The aim of this exhibition is to bring attention to the repercussions that environmental degradation can have on communities around the world. We hope to foster discussions about climate change within our global community, what policy makers are currently doing (or not doing) to address the issue, what efforts are being made in Chicago, and how art can be an integral piece starting these conversations.

about the artists

James Whitlow Delano

James Whitlow Delano is an American documentary storyteller based in Tokyo.

Other featured photographers: 
  • Ed Kashi
  • JB Russell
  • Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
  • Caroline Bennett
  • Nina Berman

Public Program

The opening of Body of Water was held at the ART WORKS Projects Studio in Chicago, IL on December 10th, 2015. 

artist discussion

On December 10th, 2015 ART WORKS Projects hosted James Whitlow Delano, Michelle Carr and Dr. Jeff Walk (The Nature Conservancy), Dr. John T. Murphy (Argonne National Laboratory), in a conversation about climate change which was moderated by Dr. Christopher Peterson, Loyola University. This panel was part of AWP’s 625 at 6:25 series of free exhibitions, community conversations, panel discussions, film screenings, concerts, and more.

625 at 6:25: Body of Water Discussion

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A few people look at an exhibition of Congo Women in New York

New York installation of Congo/Women

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The Body of Water exhibit was an extension of the EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed.

IPCC Report

April 2022: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a UN scientific group that provides data for climate policy-makers. The IPCC published their latest report into the progress of mitigation efforts and emissions reductions around the world.

Take Action!

Want to take action against climate change? The UN created a list of 10 actions steps that can make a difference in emissions reduction and preserve our livable climate.


This exhibit highlights the impact of climate change on water. More information and data about this issue can be found at the UN Water website.  

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