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About the Project

The Flint water crisis was a human-made public health crisis that started in 2014, after the city switched its water supply which led to widespread contamination. The impact of this crisis was felt heavily across the city of Flint, and revealed gaps in the local government’s response to environmental justice, access to healthcare, and systemic racism, in particular in low-income communities. Documentary photographer Brittany Greeson began closely documenting Flint’s water crisis in 2015 as an intern at the local paper The Flint Journal and has maintained a close engagement with this story ever since. This exhibit was launched in 2021 and still today this crisis is still not resolved as Flint is still facing an ongoing public health crisis and lasting impacts due to the water contamination.

Unfortunately, water crises are impacting places across the country, like recently in Jackson, Mississippi. Access to clean water is a human right, yet far too often communities, especially low-income areas, are being denied this right. A City in Limbo highlights the experiences of Flint residents and aims to inspire change, consider bringing this exhibit to your space to continue the conversation about the right to clean water and to raise awareness of the communities being impacted.

about the artist

Brittany Greeson is a Detroit, Michigan based documentary photographer.  She was the 2020/2021 ART WORKS Projects Emerging Lens Fellow.

digital exhibition

ART WORKS Projects presents City in Limbo, a virtual essay by Brittany Greeson, launched on February 4, 2021.

artist discussion

On February 11, 2021, Brittany Greeson and Claudia Perkins-Milton, Flint Community Organizer, came together virtually to talk about A City in Limbo.

A conversation with Brittany Greeson and Claudia Perkins-Milton (1 hour video)

Emerging Lens Project

A City in Limbo was completed with support from the Emerging Lens fellowship.

Emerging Lens is ART WORKS Projects’ signature program that awards project support, unrestricted grants, and mentorship to emerging photographers working to document social justice and human rights issues in their own backyards and around the world.

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A few people look at an exhibition of Congo Women in New York

New York installation of Congo/Women

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January 2023: MLive, a Michigan-based local news group has provided an update on the Flint water crisis more than eight years since the crisis began

November 2022: Flint community groups filed a federal suit against the city to demand that they uphold their promise to replace all lead service pipes in the city. Only 95% of the services lines have been properly replaced. 

October 2022: NPR reports on a Michigan judge’s dismissal of felony charges against seven individuals charged in the Flint water scandal

Key Facts: Flint Water Crisis

The National Resources Defense Council created an article detailing the key facts and dates within the Flint Water Crisis.

Timeline of the Flint Water Crisis


The Flint Community Resilience Group and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services produced a report and data on the health and behavioral impacts of the water crisis

support for this project

A City in Limbo is generously supported by The Henry Nias Foundation.