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Side view of a car looking into the front passenger seat where a child in a blue coat is looking at the camera.
A CITY IN LIMBO by Brittany Greeson

15 Years
Advocating For

Human Rights

ART WORKS Projects leverages the power of photography and documentary film to raise awareness and educate the public about some of the most pervasive and grave human rights violations.

World Refugee Day 2022

Each year on June 20, ART WORKS Projects joins the global human rights community in honoring refugees around the world as part of World Refugee Day. AWP has been a long time advocate for everyone’s right to safety and celebrates the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

World Refugee Day is an occasion to build empathy and understanding for their plight and to recognize their resilience in rebuilding their lives. We invite you to watch the video we produced in partnership with collaborators from across the globe.

Whoever. Wherever. Whenever.

Everyone has the right to safety.


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A person is sitting in a chair outside a building being administered a shot by another person.

About Us

ART WORKS Projects is celebrating our 15 year anniversary as a human rights organization advancing social justice through advocacy, grassroots activism, and visual storytelling

We invite you on the journey as we build a vision for what the next 15 years look like in our pursuit for human rights and social justice.

As we continue to build out our new look, we encourage you to visit our old site to learn more about AWP.


Our Timeline

AWP opens with traveling exhibit “DARFUR/DARFUR” to 25 international cities.


Portrait of person hold hand to mouth in one hand and baby in other.
“Horn of Africa” opens at George Washington University


Person standing in the center surrounded by a group, all looking towards the camera.
AWP partners with SAPPI, Ideas That Matter and UNWOMEN to produce exhibit “Women Between Peace and War”


In honor of World Refugee Day, images from “Sanctuary/Sustenance” are displayed in 20 international cities


Child sitting on shoulders of person cheering.
“Children of Syria” exhibit opens at 625 Gallery; Filming begins for AWP’s first full-feature documentary film, “The Prosecutors”


Photographer Amanda Rivkin documents the realities of food access through solo exhibit, “Sustenance: Chicago and the Food Chain”


MacArthur Foundation awards AWP with significant grant to complete post-production work and outreach for “The Prosecutors”


Emerging Lens recipient, Isadora Kosofky, debuts exhibit, “Vinny & David: Life and Incarceration of a Family,” at 625 Gallery


Emerging Lens recipient, Rachel Woolf, debuts exhibit, “Deported: An American Division”; The first screening of “The Prosecutors” at the PSVI Conference in London


Emerging Lens recipient, Megan Farmer, debuts, “Life After a Hate Crime,” with generous funding from the Henry Nias Foundation


AWP launches digital exhibit, “The Second Wave: Thailand’s Economic Struggle,” documenting the ongoing struggles of Covid-19 on the informal economy


AWP revisits Flint, MI in the midst of Covid-19 to develop collaborative exhibit, “ECHOES,” showcasing work created by students in the Youth News Movement




Application open until 9/30/22


Emmanuel Guillén Lozano, 2016 Emerging Lens Fellow
Refugees from Ukraine wait for buses on the Moldovan side of the Palanca crossing.
Wil Sands

Coming up: Fleeing Mother Russia’s Fury

AWP is pleased to partner with photojournalist Wil Sands to present his new body of work covering the movement of refugees as they flee the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

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Since ART WORKS Projects (AWP) launched as a human rights arts advocacy organization in Chicago fifteen years ago, we have made strides in establishing a significant global footprint. Using art to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers, AWP has inspired audience members on five continents to support an end to grave human rights abuses. While we are proud of our impact, we know more essential works needs to be done.


Generous support for ART WORKS Projects is provided by funders including: The MacArthur Foundation, The Conant Family Foundation, and The Henry Nias Foundation.