Interim Executive Director

Dr. Mandy Terc
Dr. Mandy Terc is the Interim Executive Director of ART WORKS Projects for Human Rights.  Most recently, she served as director of the Sheikh Faisal Center for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East at DePaul University where she developed programs to strengthen Qatar’s entrepreneurial capacity and to connect entrepreneurs in Doha and Chicago.  Dr. Terc has written extensively about the region’s new generation of entrepreneurs.  She conducted 18 months of field research on entrepreneurship organizations in Syria and speaks fluent Arabic.  As a long-term member of AWP’s advisory board, Dr. Terc was instrumental in developing the exhibition Children of Syria. Dr. Terc holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree from Harvard University and a PhD from the University of Michigan.



Communications + Exhibitions Coordinator

Annalise Taylor
Annalise Taylor is the Communications & Exhibitions Coordinator for ART WORKS Projects for Human Rights. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a master’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in Art History, Theory, and Criticism. She also served as a Graduate Fellow for SAIC’s new Institute for Curatorial Research & Practice. Taylor’s work has specifically focused on the impact of art for both the maker and the viewer, and she is committed to enhancing audience engagement for social change. Her museum and curatorial experience includes the Roger Brown Study Collection, the Brooks Museum of Art, and the the Project Room Gallery. Prior to attending SAIC, she was based in Argentina, where she led communications for TasterLab, an international tech startup.




Michen Dewey
Michen Dewey will be graduating from Loyola University Chicago in the spring of 2018 with a B.A. in journalism and a B.A. in photography. She plans on having a career in photojournalism, and to kick start that dream she spent 2016 and 2017 as the photo editor for her school’s newspaper, The Phoenix. She will continue 2017 and into 2018 as the paper’s new managing editor. As an artist and journalist, Michen has a passion for helping people and informing the public. She plans on using her passions to make the most out of her ART WORKS Projects experience, and use what she learns as she moves forward to help make the world a better place.



Hayoung Jeong
Hayoung Jeong is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in studio in May 2017. She is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose work explores the defects of societal systems and politics. Jeong is interested in the topics of cultural appropriation and assimilation, the politics of the post-colonial world, decolonization, labor, class and social stratification. Jeong’s works often involve research and collaboration. For her project, Personal Price, she collaborated with a computer engineer to create a browser extension that shows prices on in the amount of time it takes to purchase an item based on a state’s minimum wage. As an educator, Jeong has taught art classes after school for high school students from low-income families in South Korea and launched an English class to provide affordable and practical education for Korean artists. In her practice, she aims to raise awareness of social issues through an intervention of art in societal systems.



Anna Fallon

Anna Fallon is an undergraduate senior at Loyola University Chicago. She will be graduating in May 2018 with a B.A. in anthropology, a B.A. in international studies, and a minor in marketing. Anna has had the opportunity to study abroad in Tajikistan, Argentina, and Vietnam. Her experiences abroad have led her to take a special interest in languages, the impacts of imposing western ideologies, voluntourism, sustainable development, and human rights advocacy. Anna also works with the Rohingya refugee community in Chicago where she enjoys teaching ESL classes and tutoring children and adults. She looks forward to continuing her education with a graduate program that emphasizes a humanitarian focus and anthropological lens.




Hasan T. Özgüç
Hasan T. Özgüç joined ART WORKS Projects as an intern in July 2017. He is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago with an international studies degree and a minor in marketing. Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Hasan arrived to the United States as a student in a French school in 2011. His experience with different cultures and educational systems encouraged him to study global affairs and to understand the dynamics between international politics and business. Hasan’s interests also include traveling, writing, as well as reading on various topics, as he is hoping to use these activities to contribute to the world in some way, whether through business or media.


Greg Doench
Greg Doench is an architect and exhibition designer who has worked internationally on a range of cultural, commercial, and institutional buildings. As a principle in the national architectural design studio LARC, Greg brings years of international project experience as well as a background in large buildings and small scale furniture and fabrication. He provides the creative team with strong technical support in all of its installations. Greg’s experience in designing cultural centers also allows him to understand and account for the challenges and opportunities of the large international tours undertaken in each of ART WORKS Projects’ installations.


Maren Wickwire
Maren Wickwire is a Berlin-based documentary director and producer. Maren’s documentaries and media work for nonprofits reflect her desire to see social change and justice. Her work has brought her to Holocaust survivors, Arab Christians in the Westbank, underserved women in Tajikistan, and ex-guerilla fighters in Huanuco, Peru. She uses documentary film as a tool to raise awareness and give a voice to the untold stories of injustice. Maren has a degree in Communication Design from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany. View samples of her work on her website and on Vimeo.