The Prosecutors

Justice is for Everyone.

The story of three relentlessly dedicated lawyers who are fighting to ensure that sexual violence in conflict is no longer met with impunity, but with justice.



How do you accuse your neighbor of a war crime? How do you stand in front of uniformed officers and make the claim that rather than liberators, these people are rapists? What does it take to demonstrate to a village that all of the crimes that have been perpetrated against its people are worthy of conviction – including long-ignored sexual violence?



Rape and pillage are concepts as old as war itself. Certainly war carries with it the idea of gathering the spoils found by those who stand victorious on the battlefield. But does sexual violence have to be a part of war? And what are the risks and sacrifices involved in ensuring that the legal system provides justice for everyone?



It is our contention that with perseverance there will be a global understanding that sexual violence cannot be tolerated as a by-product of war and that victims and combatants will expect that these crimes will be prosecuted.






World Premiere of The Prosecutors
November 23, 2018 | British Film Institute, London
Preventing Sexual Violence Film Festival | UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Symposium on the Continuum of Sexual Violence in Conflict in East Africa

June 12, 2015 | Northwestern University

Special thanks to speakers Habon Daud, Somali Advisory Council, Minn.; Aimee Hilado, RefugeeOne; Carol Pavlish, Public Health, UCLA; Michael Penn, Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College; Anne Ream, Voices and Faces Project; Alisa Roadcup, Heshima Kenya; Galya Ruffer, Northwestern University; Leslie Thomas, ART WORKS Projects.


The Prosecutors – Discussion Panel + Clip

July 23, 2014 | Northwestern Law

Special thanks to speakers Becky McDonald Founder and President, Women at Risk International; Galya Ruffer, J.D., Ph.D. Director, Center for Forced Migration Studies at the Buffet Center; Juliet Sorensen, J.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Center for International Human Rights, Northwestern University; Leslie Thomas Director, The Prosecutors Executive Director, ART WORKS Projects.


The Prosecutors – Discussion Panel + Clip

June 11, 2014 |  ExCeL London, UK

Special thanks to speakers Charles Guy Makongo, American Bar Association, Rule of Law Initiative;Leslie Thomas Director, The Prosecutors Executive Director, ART WORKS Projects.