Impact Producer for The Prosecutors 

Status: Consultant
Hours: 12 hours/week
Duration: 6 months (with a possible option to extend)
Location: Chicago preferred, but applicants based in other locations are also encouraged to apply
Reports to: Annalise Flynn-Taylor, Director of Exhibitions, ART WORKS Projects
Consults with: Leslie Thomas, Director/Producer The Prosecutors

Rape and pillage are concepts as old as war itself. Certainly war carries with it the idea of gathering the spoils found by those who stand victorious on the battlefield. But sexual violence is a war crime, not collateral damage, and it must be confronted. However, the risks and sacrifices involved in ensuring that the legal system provides justice for everyone run deep.

The Prosecutors is a feature length documentary that tells the story of three dedicated lawyers who fight to ensure that sexual violence in conflict is not met with impunity. Filmed over five years on three continents, it takes viewers from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Colombia on the long journey towards justice. [from The Prosecutors website]

Produced independently by ART WORKS Projects, The Prosecutors was created in order to expand the discussion of human rights justice from international permanent and ad hoc tribunals (the ICC, ICTY, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.) towards locally and nationally led mechanisms. 

By sharing examples from Bosnia and Herzegovina (local courts addressing war crimes), Colombia (the attorney general’s office prosecutions of paramilitary leaders), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (military tribunals addressing government and irregular militia actions), the film provides examples of how multiple countries across the globe are driving their own post-conflict judicial mechanisms by iterating options. 

The Prosecutors outreach campaign is intended to raise awareness of and support from the public and policymakers for this work, inspire young lawyers entering the field to support it, and serve as a resource for practicing attorneys who are navigating national mechanisms. More broadly, the outreach campaign aims to motivate a broad cultural push for fair, universally established and effective legal frames to investigate and prosecute conflict related sexual violence.  

The Impact Producer will be responsible for the following activities around The Prosecutors’ global outreach and impact campaign: 

Implementing the established strategy, objectives & activity:
The film’s producers have spent many years with their global partners creating the strategy and have begun the implementation process. The Impact Producer will continue this work, reviewing its efficacy and making suggestions for adjustments and improvements along the way. 

The film has a rapidly growing number of potential screening venues and the Impact Producer will work with ART WORKS Projects’ staff, partners, and the sales agents to create opportunities for distribution and provide support for events. Distribution of this film has channels with international policymakers, grassroots communities, professionals, and academics. Working with partner organizations, venues, etc., to screen The Prosecutors will be the primary focus of this position. 

Collateral Activities:
The Prosecutors’ has sparked multiple additional activities that leverage its impact. The Impact Producer will work with the Producers and ART WORKS Projects to implement these opportunities. They include global learnings in media documentation of conflict related sexual violence, follow up video and print elements, conferences, and more.

Partnerships management:
Providing a central location for all stakeholder communication. 

Publicity (inc PR & press, fulfillment):
Engagement with media across all platforms and coordination with ART WORKS Projects media engagement, including traditional and social media.

Reviewing the current budget and adjusting as needed.

Identifying new sources of funding and coordinating applications and engagement with funders with ART WORKS Projects’ development team. This includes grants, donations, and crowdfunding. This Impact Producer will not be responsible for writing grants or coordinating development activities, however, will be expected to relay fundraising opportunities to AWP’s Manager for External Engagement. 

Evaluation & assessment:
Implementation of evaluation and assessment protocols as outlined in the strategic plan. 

Required/preferred skills: 

  • Previous experience in documentary impact production
  • Knowledge of the women, peace, and security framework
  • Background in human rights/social justice issues
  • International work 

Preferred skills: 

  • Language/s other than English
  • Adobe Suite, including Photoshop and InDesign 

Work habits that will be particularly successful include:

  • A collaborative work style
  • Flexibility
  • Very high levels of organization
  • An ability to work very independently
  • An ability to communicate with colleagues at distance

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Hours: Flexible

Interested candidates should email a single PDF including a cover letter, resume, and writing sample (brief non-fiction) to Annalise Flynn-Taylor at ataylor@artworksprojects.org with the subject line “Impact Producer Application.”