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The Workshop to Change the World was created to encourage students to use art to advocate for individually-selected and diverse human rights and environmental goals. Students are encouraged to explore a passion for arts and humanity and learn to use visual, written, musical, and other creative skills to bring forwards their visions of human rights in a collaborative and mentored process.

The Workshop takes place over two days in conjunction with arts and arts education organizations. Prominent artists and human rights and environmental experts work with small groups of students brainstorming ideas, explaining key concepts, and providing feedback on the students’ own artistic vision.

Before the workshop begins, students select and define topics that are important to them. After an introduction to the ART WORKS methodology, they collaborate with their advisors and peers to formulate a plan to create and market their own projects. The end result of the Workshop is a panel featuring multimedia presentations, photography, drawings, and murals with the potential to later become real-world advocacy tools.

After our inaugural workshop at Marwen in 2011 the Workshop has gone on to partner with the Gallery 37 Advanced Arts Education Program, the South Chicago Art Center, The Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights, Aspire California College Preparatory Academy, Harvard University School of Public Health, and many more.

Email to inquire about hosting a Workshop to Change the World for your community. One day, two day, and class period workshops can be tailored to your schools needs and resources.

Click here to see a sample schedule of the two day workshop.

Visit the Workshop on Facebook to see photos of past workshops and learn more: www.facebook/WorkshoptoChangetheWorld


Aspire California College Preparatory Academy, Berkeley, CA

workshop 3

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA


KIPP Ascend Primary School, Chicago, IL


South Chicago Art Center, Chicago, IL


Marwen, Chicago, IL






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