US Resettlement: Five Years Later



In recognition of ART WORKS Projects’ 15th year, we are reengaging with some of our most impactful work while looking toward the future.


SANCTUARY/SUSTENANCE was first released in 2013 as a short film tracing the refugee journey. In 2015, AWP commissioned a series of exhibitions in cities across the U.S. in order to take a closer look at families navigating resettlement, including following a refugee family’s first 30 days in Seattle after spending many years in a camp in Nepal. We asked photographer Erika Schultz to check in with the Biswa family to see how they continue to adjust to life in the U.S.


This project will be released digitally fall 2021.






Erika Schultz works as a staff photographer for The Seattle Times, where she focuses on photo and video storytelling. She taught visual storytelling at The University of Washington’s School of Communication, Photographic Center Northwest and Mountain Workshops. As a visual journalist, Schultz often focuses on community journalism and in-depth multimedia projects.