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We are pleased to present WOMEN BETWEEN PEACE AND WAR: Afghanistan, a collection of photography and captions printed in poster format for display and handbook created for use in a wide range of creative, civic, and academic community settings.

The project includes 20 large posters featuring intimate views into four main areas of the lives of women and girls of the region; economic access, rule of law, health, and education for girls.

Collaborating photographers are:

Lynsey Addario
Paula Bronstein
Jean Chung
Ron Haviv
Jared Moossy
Moises Saman
Stephanie Sinclair
Abbie Trayler-Smith
Veronique de Viguerie
Farzana Wahidy

Additionally, a softcover handbook provides short essays by contributing writers Elizabeth Rubin, New York Times and Vogue magazine journalist, and Leslie Thomas, Executive Director of ART WORKS Projects, that are highlighted by commentary from Afghan women and girls who are navigating the complexities of these issues in their daily lives. A timeline of the history of women’s rights provides context for viewing and reading.

A high-school level curriculum is being developed for further student exploration.

This printed handbook and poster set is the latest in the expanding WOMEN BETWEEN PEACE AND WAR: Afghanistan initiative. Other components include a museum installation of digitally projected images and sound, a web-based slideshow, and a forthcoming documentary on women in Afghanistan directed by Elizabeth Rubin and co-produced by ART WORKS Projects.

To inquire about purchasing either single or multiple copies of the handbook and poster set or to bring the projection installation to a venue please email us:


WOMEN BETWEEN PEACE AND WAR: Afghanistan is sponsored in part by SAPPI: Ideas That Matter and created with support from de.MO. Website and slideshow sponsored in part by UNIFEM (now UNWomen).